Locus Amoenus, Dallas area book signing

dunnbrothersDallas-born author Victoria N. Alexander,
Dallas Observer‘s “best locally-produced literary figure”
will be reading from and signing copies of her new 9/11 political satire novel, Locus Amoenus

Sunday, Nov 29th, at 6PM
Dunn Brothers Coffee
3725 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 406-9711

locus-amoenus-cover-thumbnailIn Alexander’s latest novel, Locus Amoenus, a 9/11 widow and her son, Hamlet, move to rural New York where they run a sustainable farm. Unfortunately, they don’t get on very well with their outrageously obese neighbors who prefer the starchy products of industrialized agriculture. On the eighth anniversary of 9/11, Gertrude marries an incompetent NIST bureaucrat named Claudius, who tries to get the eighteen-year-old Hamlet to “move on.” As Hamlet is becoming  more and more disgusted by the hypocrisy of the adult world he’s entering, Horatio, a conspiracy theorist, tells Hamlet that Claudius is a fraud and something is rotten in the United States of America.

With fine gallows humor, Alexander looks at the tragedy that is contemporary post 9/11 politics, as it plays out in small town America where health and happiness have been traded for processed foods, cheap Walmart goods, Paxil, and endless war.  Kirkus Reviews likened Alexander’s Hamlet to Holden Caulfield (the angry hero of The Catcher in the Rye), but he is more like his namesake, plagued by doubt about what to do.

According to cultural critic William Irwin Thompson in the Wild River Review, Locus Amoenus is “an important contribution to contemporary American fiction.” Man Booker Prize finalist Josip Novakovich notes that “despite the tragedy, we have the consolation of her humor. I haven’t laughed this well while reading in a long time.” Locus Amoenus is an “emotionally powerful geopolitical drama,” according to WBAI radio host Barry Seidman. According to KWBU Heart of Texas Public Radio, “Alexander has a free-spirited style that entertains on every page.”  Literary Fiction Book Review affirms, This profoundly thoughtful novel exposes, with a clear and dry wit, the issues of our time.”

Victoria N. Alexander, PhD, is the author of three other novels, Smoking Hopes (Washington Prize for Fiction), Naked Singularity (Dallas Observer‘s “Best of 2003″), and Trixie, and a work of philosophy, The Biologist’s Mistress: Rethinking Self-Organization in Art, Literature, and Nature. Alexander’s fiction is published by The Permanent Press, one of the finest small presses in the U.S., which has been “turning out literary gems…on a shoestring,” since 1978, according to The New York Times. Alexander is a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center alum and is currently serving as a Public Scholar for the New York Council for the Humanities.

Locus amoenus  refers to a  “pleasant locale,” where nothing bad can ever happen.  Pronounced: “low cuss a mean us.”


Upcoming: Interview with Tom Keily, Austin TX INN World Report Radio, Nov 24, 6:00 PMInterview with Jim Hogue  Goddard College / Community Radio, Vermont, Oct 19

Locus Amoenus a coming of age story for the post 9/11 generation” –Truth Movement News, Sept 27

A modern day Hamlet for the post 9/11 age.” Awakening Liberty Radio Sept 12, 2015

Live Interview –Organic News on Awake Radio, Sept 9, 2015

A witty novella that unflinchingly examines the dark roots of industrial agriculture, pharmaceutical conglomerates, and standardized curriculum. A brilliant modern parallel to Shakespeare’s timeless work.” -Literary Fiction Book Review, August 11, 2015

Woodstock Writer’s Radio, interview with Martha Frankel. Aug 9, 2015

Alexander “has a gift for prose” with “language that begs to be read aloud at times just to revel in the feel of it. And the book’s conclusion, particularly the final pages, are phenomenal. I reread those last pages more than once, laughing giddily at the audacity, at the perfect marriage of theme and execution.” Luxury Reading, Aug 9, 2015

Alexander “takes 9/11 to a whole new genre.” Interview with Susan Lindauer, Covert Report, Aug 9, 2015

Video Interview on Canada’s Bev Collins Show, Aug 5, 2012

“An important contribution to 9/11 fiction” Shift Frequency, Aug 3, 2015

“The most stark divisions in America may spring not from political, ethnic or racial backgrounds but from informational sourcesThis is a theme explored in the darkly humorous novel, Locus Amoenus.”  Woodstock Times, July 16

“Alexander got the voice of Hamlet from David Tennant (aka Doctor Who). Clever, witty, a little bit crazy, Hamlet feels like an alien having different values from the people around him.” Millerton News, July 16

“a retelling of Shakespeare  featuring a bureaucrat at NIST in the role of King Claudius 9/11 Free Fall Radio with Andrew Steele, July 16

“Alexander has a free-spirited style that entertains on every page. ” Likely Stories Book Review KWBU Heart of Texas Public Radio, July 2nd

Locus Amoenus tells ofthe country’s reality of junk food, junk politics and ever-creeping power of the National Security Administration and Homeland Security.” –Middletown Press, June 30

Locus Amoenus
“brings Shakespeare into the post-9/11 world” and “sows an emotionally powerful geopolitical drama.”99.5 FM  WBAI radio NYC: Equal Time for Freethought June 27, 3-4PM

West Hartford Citizens For Peace and Justice, West Hartford Community Television. Interview. June 25, 10PM 

The themes of “local complacency and conformity feeds into a larger narrative of post 9/11 corruption, junk food, junk news, big pharma and war.” TriCorner News June 12

Until now, the only 9/11-truth-themed novel of high literary quality was Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge.Locus Amoenus is the best fictional treatment of 9/11 yet. It’s hilarious, darkly ironic, playful, deeply moving.” -Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad Radio, June 14

A novel about a teenager who lost his father in the towers on 9/11 and his discovery that what he’s been told about 9/11 is a lie.” WWUH Radio, Hartford, CT  9/11 Wake Up Call with Cheryl Curtis, June 10th
Locus Amoenus uses hilarity and conspiracy theories to present the tragicomedy of a contemporary America that is beyond belief….An important contribution to contemporary American fiction.”William Irwin Thompson, Wild River Review, JuneVictoria N Alexander to appear at the Millerton Library, Photo feature  Main Street Magazine, June 1″A clever and engaging novel.” –RabbitReader, May 24

“The hero of Victoria N. Alexander’s novel Locus Amoenus may be the new Holden Caulfield for the post-9/11 generation.” –Harlem Valley News, May 11

“A scathing commentary on government-subsidized food programs in schools, low-level abuses of authority in local government and the destructive effects of war and pharmaceuticals.” -The Millbrook Independent, April

“Hamlet’s… descent into madness might be as pretended as his name…darkly humorous, harshly compelling, and cruelly relentless”-Sheilia’s Reviews, April 15

“In this retelling of Shakespeare’s tragedy, the protagonist isn’t just feigning madness—he’s genuinely losing his mind ” –Kirkus Reviews,  April 10, 2015

Victoria N. Alexander is a PhD, a critically acclaimed novelist, a philosopher of science has just finished a fourth novel called Locus Amœnus, which is a political satire with a 9/11 theme” 9/11 Free Fall Radio with Andrew Steele, January 23, 2014

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